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eFitzgerald is a fledgling electronic publishing business that was launched on Independence Day in 2011.

I’m Patrice Fitzgerald, the founder and CEO, and I decided to make all the rookie mistakes on my own book, and so made my first release Running − a 95,000 word political thriller.  It centers around a candidate for president whose campaign is suddenly thrown into chaos when it’s discovered that she has a romantic past.

What makes eFitzgerald different is that it publishes only electronic books.  Omitting the literary agent and the traditional publishing house, the company is able to keep the overhead low and use the efficiency of epublishing to move rapidly from the manuscript stage to digital publication.

Both eFresh (original works) and ReFresh (previously published books whose rights have reverted to the author) will be featured in the eFitzgerald line.  New material will be sought out by eScouts around the country who will participate in the profits of the authors they discover.  Promo Partners will help get the word out on social networks for those authors who wish to devote their time to writing rather than marketing, and will get a piece of the financial action.

eFitzgerald is designed to tap into the emerging possibilities of the new publishing paradigm.  Our pledge is to design and sell a professional, green product that pleases both the author and the reading public.

Look for additional titles to be released throughout 2011, including the first book in a fantasy trilogy, a tongue-in-cheek advice book on Internet dating, and short story collections.

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