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What to write?

Now that we have entered the Brave New World of electronic publishing, an author can write whatever he or she wants.  No more picking a genre and being stuck with it for decades.  No longer will your agent/editor/publisher insist that you are committing career suicide by going from paranormal romance to horror and then detouring into cozy mysteries.  Nor will the people writing your checks demand that you adopt a pseudonym if your last book didn’t earn out its advance.

Today, the eBook writer owns his career.  He can explore every facet of his creative urges, no matter how unrelated to current trends or to the last book he sold.

And with that comes a special challenge.  The joy — and difficulty — of choice!

One of our new eFitzgerald authors describes herself as a kid in a candy shop… so many possibilities!  What to settle on and savor first?  What to work on when there is an entire universe of stories to write, and ways in which to write them?  This is an author with eleven traditionally published books to her name.  Good books, that were nevertheless written in part to satisfy contracts worked out by agents and editors who were naturally more concerned about the bottom line than about sating the author’s creative appetites.

At last, she has no one telling her what to do.  What a joy for an artist.  What an awesome responsibility.  What can you write?  What should you write?

What do you want to write?

It’s a heady time.  Writers can get drunk on the possibilities.  So unleash your muse.  Dabble.  Wander.  Be bold.  Write crazy.

And then come back down to earth and finish something!