Running, 95,000 word political thriller

Vice President Catherine Young has just been named the Democratic nominee for president.  The polls show Catherine pulling ahead in the race against GOP candidate Jerusha Hutchins, she of the big blonde hair and eight children, the darling of the far-right Liberty Party.  And with political wunderkind Zane Zarillo running her campaign, Catherine is sure to hold the lead.

Suddenly a medical emergency puts the President in the hospital and forces Catherine to become acting President… a powerful position for a candidate.  But when someone uncovers her long-ago love affair with a married man–and the pregnancy that followed–the Vice President finds herself being blackmailed.  Could the American public accept a woman with a sexual past?

Running is a fast-paced political thriller which centers on a contentious political race, a hot Brazilian babe, and a wild chase through the streets of Washington, D.C., Running will keep readers turning the pages until the very last question is answered.


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